My Story

Artist Biography


Ellen Hart is a professional, International award winning artist who is inspired by nature and her incredible imagination. Her paintings are mostly in acrylic but she also works with mixed media and is available to do wall murals. She enjoys incorporating 3-D elements into many of her paintings to engage the viewer and make her paintings come to life. 


Ellen is a US Air Force Veteran with a background as a Professional Photographer, Graphic Artist and Website Designer/Builder. 


In 2014 and 2015 Ellen’s art work was on display at the Pearland, Texas Chamber of Commerce, two Art Galleries in the Greater Houston Area and an Art Gallery in Tampa, Florida. In 2016 Ellen exhibited her art work at Defoor Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia. Also in 2016, Ellen painted a portrait of President Barack Obama’s Inauguration that was given to Mr. Obama as a gift.

Ellen’s art work is published in the January/February 2017 issue of the "ART International Contemporary Magazine." Her art work is also displayed in the offices of the Governors of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Georgia, Florida, South Dakota and Colorado.

Ellen’s art work was included in the art event “Biennale Peschiera del Garda” in Northern Italy from March 31, 2017 to April 3, 2017. From May 26th to 29th, 2017, Ellen's Art participated in the Art Expo in Rome, Italy.

Pure Healthy Eatery has purchased eight of her works of art for permanent display at The Woodlands, Texas and Spring, Texas locations of their restaurant.   

Ellen has donated several of her paintings to All The King’s Horses Children’s Ranch in Benson, Arizona to be sold at auction as a fund raiser.     

Artist Statement


 My work reflects my faith in God, love of nature, positive outlook on life and childlike exuberance. I choose bright colors to give my work a happy, uplifting quality. 3D elements are often incorporated into my paintings to further express my playful nature.


My newest works are in a style I originated that I call “In-Depth 3-D.” This innovative new style of painting needs to be viewed to fully understand. My art as is a visual story. Exactly what that story is will be different for each viewer.   

Acrylic is my main media with mixed media elements added to all of my 3D and In Depth 3D artwork. My signature is a raised, heart seal with the initial “E” in the center. I chose this as my signature because my family is descended from royalty and signatures originated from the king’s signet ring that was used to make a seal on official documents. My “seal” is affixed to my artwork to authenticate my work.    



 Ellen Hart is an International Award Winning Artist.  

Leon De Sonora won Best In Show and 1st Place Acrylic.  

 Casting Couch won 1st Place Acrylic

 Childhood Pleasures won the International Galileo Galilei Award 

 Carnival won 2nd Place Mixed Media

 Queen Of Hearts won Honorable Mention. 

 Autumn Splendor won 1st Place Mixed Media.

 Monumental Event won Best in Show and 1st Place Mixed Media 

Freedom won Honorable Mention Acrylic. 

First Mate won Best In Show and 1st Place Acrylic. 

Grandchildren at Play won 1st Place Mixed Media.

King Of The Mountain won Special Recognition. 

Majestic Monarch won 2nd Place Acrylic 

Rare Beauty won 1st Place Mixed Media

 Fairy Princess won Honorable Mention.  

Lost City won 1st Place in the 3 Dimensional Category. 

More Award Winning Paintings will be added soon!